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Ed Telenko,
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Gyrettes Ececutive 2019-2020
Left to right: Julie Ann Hastie, Betsy Partington,
President - Randee Loucks, Beverley Cooper,
Ginny Rigby &The Gov.

Ted Hoxie, president of Beatties Business Products, headquartered in St. Catharines who has been involved in the company for 48 years presented a comprehensive of history of the company that has been in business since 1860. They carry a complete selection of office and computer supplies, office furniture, business machines, technology products, printing and promotional products with locations in Burlington, Fort Erie, in addition to the retail operation at 399 Vansickle Rd. in St. Catharines.
Ted is also currently chaitman of Board of Basics Office Products Ltd,a company located in Cambridge,Ontario.


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District III Convention
2019 See Party Photos

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We welcome all men of good character to join with us for a unique friendship experience.

St. Catharines Gyro Club


2019-2020  EXECUTIVE

President – Phil O'Reilly   
Past Pres.- Peter Partington  
Vice- Pres.- Ed Telenko
Treasurer – Tony Flus
Secretary – Doug McNaughton 
Membership –Frank Cooper

Nominations/Special Assigments – Alex Hastie
Program, Food & Beverage -  Tim Rigby

Socials  – Rick Rigby
Legal Counsel – Brian Smith
Website/Commumications - Ed Telenko
Director - Jim Blake
Telephone, E-Mails - Dan Plunkett 

Mailing Address
CLUB Mailing Address: 
c/o  St. Catharines Club,
77 Ontario St.,
St. Catharines, L2N 5J5

Postponed Until October 2021

District III   Annual Convention
OCTOBER 2-4, 2020
Next years convention will be held in
St.Catharines at the 
Holiday Inn and Suites Parkway 
327 Ontario St, St. Catharines, ON 
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registration and the itinerary



November 4th Meeting
Recognizing Veterans and Acknowledging
Remembrance Day

A very pleasant event featuring
Enjoyable camaraderie,     
An excellent program and
A fine meal well serve


Next Meeting Wednesday December 2nd. 2020
St. Catharines Club


Ed Telenko Vice President, Peter Partington Past President, Robert Fraser District Governor,
Doug McNaughton Secretary,
Tony Flus Treasure (Absent from Photo)

Dirrectors: Alex Hastie, Frank Cooper,
Governor Robert, James Blake, Dan Plankett
Absent from Photo - Brian Smith
The Induction of the New
2019-2020 Gyro Team - More Photos


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Special Social at Hernder Estates - More Photos - Click

Golf Tournament "Most Honest" Foursome
Displaying Their Awards - More Photos

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